Video Game Composer


Cerberus - Composer and Sound Designer
Space Bugs - Composer and Sound Designer
Chop Shop - Composer and Sound Designer
Kisetsu - co-Composer and Sound Designer
Masking The Murder: All audio


FTL Trailer with Original Score and SFX- Composer and Sound Designer

MK11 Rescored release trailer - Composer

Doggonit - Composer


Berklee College of Music: 2016-2020 - Major in Film scoring, Minor in Video Game scoring
Chop Shop: 2020
Kisetsu: 2020
Masking the Murder: 2019
Leagues Below: 2019

Jacob Brickman is a composer and sound designer for Video Games and Film, with a background in many genres. His passion for music comes from it's ability to tell stories and connect everyone universally. To many people, video game music has always been a source of nostalgia and positivity. Jacob's drive is the hope that he can help provide that source of nostalgia for someone else too.