Bass Guitar

Rock, Jazz, Funk, Classical, and Big Band

Upcoming Shows

Souls in Motion (Rock)
Diablo Wind Symphony
Campolindo Jazz
Campolindo Symphony


Rock Bands

‍2015-present   Souls in Motion 
2010-2015      Rocket Candy
2013                A-List

Symphonic Bands

2015-2016 Diablo Wind Symphony
2015 Contra Costa County Honor Band


Rock Selections

Souls in Motion 12/13/15

Ouija Board

Soundwall 2015

Led Zeppelin's Ocean 
Eagles Hotel California
Salute Your Solution
Steady as She Goes

Rocket Candy 12-7-2014

Rocket Candy 12/14

Muse Uprising
Black Submarine
Short Skirt, Long Jacket
I Don't Know

A-List 9/2013

William Tell Overture
Muse Panic Station
Beethoven's 5th
Foo Fighter's Rope
Rush YYZ
Muse Uprising

Rocket Candy 9/2013

Gold on the Ceiling
Pink Floyd Young Lust
Danny California
I Am My Own Worst Enemy

Rocket Candy 12/9/12

Rock You Like A Hurricane
Sweet Home Alabama
Fly Away
End of the World (12/22/12)
Fly Away (Encore 12/22/12)

Rocket Candy 10/12

Without You (Original)
Muse Uprising
Heart Shaped Box
Joker and the Thief


Purple Haze
Iron Man
Red House



Jazz 2012

Campo Pops concert 2012


Benzie's 8/2011 party
Devil went down to Georgia, 2 angles


Symphonic and Jazz

Contra Costa County Honor Band 2015

Campo Music 2014-2015

Campo Pops Concert 2014-2015


Thunderbird Pro Bass 5 string
Fender Squire Bass
Luna Acoustic 4 string Bass
Fender Squire Guitar
Ludwig Accent Drum Kit w/ Sabian cymbals
Conn Trigger Trombone
Getzen Trombone
Yamaha Keyboard Digital Piano p105

Avid Pro Tools 
Guitar Rig
Garage Band
Sibelius First
Shure SM57 Microphone
Audio-Techa 2020 USB Microphone
Zoom B3 Multi Effects 



2009-2012 Joaquin Moraga Jr. High Jazz and Symphonic Bands

2012-2016 Campolindo High School Jazz, Symphonic, and Pep bands

2011, 2012, 2013, 2015 California Music Educators Association Festival/Competition

2011-present Redhouse Music band instruction

2010-2011 Alma music band instruction

Private Instruction

2004-2007 Drum lessons with Dick Carlo, San Jose, CA

2007-Present Bass Guitar lessons with Andrew Benzie, Orinda, CA

2011-Present Trombone Classical/theory with Greg Ingles, San Francisco, CA

2015-Present Trombone Jazz, Danny Lubin-Laden, Oakland, CA


2013-2015 Soundwall Rock Music Camp

2012 Lafayette Jazz Workshop - Bass Guitar

2013 Lafayette Jazz Workshop - Trombone


2015- Redhouse Showcase - Souls in Motion

2015 - Campo Night Live

2015 - Campo Fall Concert

2015 Performers for Progress charity event, performed with Souls in Motion

2014 Performers for Progress charity event, performed with Rocket Candy

2012, 2013, 2015 Lafayette Art and Wine Festival (Rocket Candy, A-List, and Souls in Motion)

1/2015 Contra Costa County Honor Band

10/2015 -3/2016 Diablo Wind Symphony

2012 - Paid performance with Rocket Candy

2012-2016 Campolindo Jazz Cafe

2013 Veterans day performance, Veterans Homes of California,  Los Angles, CA

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